About Us

TMSS ICT Domain is giving its best efforts for uplifting the living condition of poor women, their family and society through their technical and ICT capacity building, adaptability, financing and entrepreneurship and participate in development activities by ensuring good governance and fulfilling their legitimate rights and management of their sustainability. We believe, ICT Technology can act as a force of development in our life and we can make better position in society.

TMSS ICT Domain has already implemented two projects of Bangladesh government, as example: Bari Bose Borolok (BBB) under ICT Division, where we have trained 14460 women in ICT knowledge and Advanced Freelancing Knowledge in 64 districts of Bangladesh. We have completed another project of Online Freelancing Training under LGSP-2 Project, where we have conducted 9 batches of in Dhaka District where we have trained 225 person.


There are some ongoing programs like, SEIP with PKSF and Bangladesh Bank, Banking IT Training with Janata Bank, Sonali Bank, Rupali Bank, etc; Community Climate Change Project (CCCP) with PKSF, Two development project with Unilever and many more.


We are also offering Commercial and Demand Driven Training Programs under TMSS ICT Ltd, where different types of IT and Banking Trainings are ongoing.