We are pleased to presnt our program activities of TMSS-ICT Limited in this brochure. Here We have endeavored to offer our banking and IT training courses as well as software & Apps development programs and other IT services , thereby covering most pressing and growing need on ICT knowledge and skills and related business areas of present time.  To further intensify the active involvement , which meet the positive feedback and demand , and to provide effective ICT/IT training and services of relevance , we have significantly increased our capacities and expertise. Further details on our program activities can be found in this brochure. All relevant information is also available in our website www.tmss-ict.com . If you have any request , queries and comments that would help us to further improve and develop our programs and services and/or to tailor our program even more closely to your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us at tmssict@gmail.com

We hope that our training courses , software & Apps program and ICT services will provide to be of interest to you and look forward to welcoming all from across Bangladesh to TMSS-ICT.