The necessity for development and skill human resource in ICT sector cannot be overemphasized more . With the ever increasing challenges

in the development sector , the need for trained and skilled human resource is growing , Eventually for enhanced ICT capabilities and skilled human resource is growing . Eventually for enhanced ICT capabilites and skills opened a new era not only within Bangladesh but also in the global IT / ICT market to meet the ultimate challenges .

TMSS ICT is proud to embrace government’ vision of digital Bangladesh.Towards that is working to contribute in developing ICT based human resources in the country. TMSS ICT delivers various services such as 1) ICT training Programs and courses 2) Software and apps Development , troubleshooting and maintenance services . The training program includes three main areas ; a) ICT Skill Development Training Programs b)Professional Training Courses ; and c ) ICT for Banking and Financial Sector. The Training course modules in the brochure are not exclusive , TMSS-ICT also conduct customized training course as per the demand of any organization , groups ; and ICT entrepreneurs.

The training is delivered by is well qualified and experienced professional team.TMSS-ICT has well equipped and air conditioned facilities and classrooms with internet connectivity in the districts of Dhaka, Bogra , Rajshahi , Sylhet Chittagong , Rangpur and Khulna. Most of the training facilities also have residential facilities . Few more facilities are in the process.

We are very much delighted and appreciate the responses which we received from the banks , other organizations , groups , and individuals. Their cooperation , support , and advices will help us to move further in our efforts to improve our training courses and ultimately contribute in enhancing ICT capability and skill enabled human resource in the country.