GPS & GSM based Tracker GPS and GSM based Tracking systems are useful in providing exact location of any device they are attached to. In this course you will build a GPS and GSM based Tracker using Arduino which can send continuous updates about the position on google maps in your mobile phone or computer. While building your project you will learn practically about the working of GPS modules, antennas, GSM modules and mobile communication.

Gesture Robot Your kid enjoys playing motion controlled games in your mobile phone? Now you can help your kid to build his very own robot that can be controlled with hand gestures right from home. Gesture controlled robots also known as accelerometer controlled robots, are capable of taking commands from a user’s hand gestures and actuate accordingly.

Robotic Arm Robotics is being widely adapted in all the industries of today to increase their operational efficiency. Robotic arm is one such mechatronics application that can operate autonomously to handle various industrial processes that needs more physical effort / are contagious in nature. In this course, you will learn to build a robotic arm that has 3 degrees of freedom which you can control by your mobile phone. The robotic arm will be connected to the mobile phone through bluetooth and can be controlled by an Android App.

Home Automation System In this project-based course, you will build an IoT based home automation device that forms the basis of smart buildings. Smart building concept involves the technologies with which various parameters like temperature, lights, water etc. can be controlled, monitored and analysed so as to make it highly efficient.

Mobile Robot Navigation System Through this project you will develop a robot that uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag sensors, laser range sensors and ultrasonic sensors to find its way out of a path. The robot that you build will automatically move along the path using the scanned range data till it finds a tad and then follows a pre-set map for the next movement.