National Household Database (NHD) Project

Bangladesh government has been taken lot of initiatives to ensure faster and duplication/error free door to door support services for its citizen. Considering the different contextual aspects, government initiated 145+ multi care social safety net programs and different development project. For bringing 100%success of these initiatives, beneficiaries selection is vital. In this relation, Govt. has started a project named ‘National Household Database –NHD’ project; in earlier it is called Bangladesh Poverty Database- (BPD). The aim of the project is to develop a national population information bank which will include all households in Bangladesh. It will capture socio-economical and demographic information-data of the household members along with structure of the H/Hs residence, WASH facilities, Level of education of the H/Hs level family members, Profession of family earner and his or her spouses etc.


Photo Gallery of NHD Project